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Watching, monitoring and searching can be expensive, but they're all vital if you want to offer your clients the full range of trademark services. Now you can access top-tier tools for a reasonable price.

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Unlimited trademark searches

With us you can search any supported registry as many times as you like. This tool is powered by our US patented search algorithms, and is unique in the way it work. Your search term produces a separate distance score for each regsitered trademark, giving you search results ranked according to similarity. You get a full breakdown of the results, plus our unique TM Score TM. TM Score TM lets you know the probability of a particular wordmark being accepted in each class. With over 1.5 million searches performed, it's a quick, reliable way of working out whether a trademark is available.


Automated watching

We have fully automated watching built into our portfolio tool. All trademarks in your portfolio can be watched automatically, using our patented algorithms. You can even schedule how often you want to be alerted about similar filings.


All your trademarks in one place

Keep your trademarks in a super secure cloud-based portfolio, with every detail available from any of your devices, anywhere. You can drill down to see all the case notes attached to each trademark, and our software notifies you about all upcoming renewals automatically. Our system lets you use official data or upload your own.


On demand monitoring

Now you can purchase monitoring services reliably, quickly, and affordably. Our monitoring function allows you to set up monitoring on the trademark of your choice. For a fixed fee of $150 per brand per website, our system lets you make sure your clients' IP is protected.

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Expert help, whenever you need it

We don't do sales. We do support. We built this software, and when you have a question, we want to answer it ourselves. We have two teams of technicians in order to serve the US, the UK, and the EU. Whatever your question, we're here to help.