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We showcase LawPanel at the MDR Lab demo day

Omar Jouda  |  119 days ago

Last week our time on the MDR Lab program culminated with us presenting the LawPanel platform to an audience of lawyers, journalists, and industry experts. It was great to have so much positive feedback and show off what LawPanel can do.

Is all this technology good for us?

Thomas Brattli  |  133 days ago

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with technology. We love the convenience it brings, but we also feel overwhelmed by how absolutely it permeates our lives. Given the recent news coverage about social media sites, quite a few people have started asking that same old question: is all this technology good for us?

Why life is about to get a lot better for trademark attorneys

Thomas Brattli  |  148 days ago

We’ve been working with the trademark practice at Mischon de Reya, getting ready to launch the new version of LawPanel. It's been an eye-opening experience, and we thought it was time to share some of the practical ways LawPanel will make life better for trademark attorneys.

How technology can help women in the law

Isadora Englefield  |  152 days ago

The majority of Law graduates in the UK are women, and yet, despite recent strides, women are still underrepresented at the top of the profession. We look at the role technology is playing in helping women overcome the challenges they face in the legal sector.

AI , people, and the superficiality of rationality

Mark Kingsley-Williams  |  162 days ago

More and more people are beginning to worry about the idea of AI as a "black box" . As AI begins to encroach on more and more complex human tasks, some people want to make sure they know what's going on inside an AI's mind. Our CEO Mark explains why he isn't one of them.

Inside Mishcon de Reya's MDR Lab

Nadine Chora  |  184 days ago

It's been an exciting two weeks so far at the MDR Lab. We've gotten new insights into the trademark sector, met some great legal-tech companies, and, as you can see, we also got to play with a 3D printer.

LawPanel joins Mischon de Reya’s MDR Lab

Nadine Chora  |  191 days ago

We’re excited to be taking part in this year’s MDR Lab, run by Mishcon de Reya. We'll be working with the IP team at Mischon de Reya to develop our understanding of this fast-evolving legal sector.

What is the dark web and why does it matter to IP professionals?

Thomas Brattli  |  211 days ago

What is the internet? It sounds like an easy question. After all, we all use it everyday. In fact, most of us spend an appreciable fraction of our lives using it. But the answer is more complicated than you might think.

We talk to Trademark Lawyer Magazine about AI and the future of trademark law

Mark Kingsley-Williams  |  254 days ago

Mark Kingsley-Williams, our CEO talks to the Trademark Lawyer about AI and the future of the trademark sector. Despite what you may have read, the AI attorney is a generation or more away.

We talk to World Trademark Review about the power of APIs

Thomas Brattli  |  279 days ago

Thomas Brattli, our CTO, writes in World Trademark Review about the trademark registries and APIs. It's an acronym we use all the time, but what does it actually mean and why does it have such revolutionary potential for the trademark sector?

“No imminent AI apocalypse” - Our thoughts included in World Trademark Review AI article

Mark Kingsley-Williams  |  289 days ago

Does AI threaten to put trademark attorneys out of work? At LawPanel, we send a lot of time thinking about the trademark sector and the development of AI. See our take on the subject, as part of an excellent new article from World Trademark Review.

Don't make me think!

Mark Kingsley-Williams  |  289 days ago

What's the secret to a good user experience? In a time when time itself has become our most precious commodity, intuitive design has never been more important.

We talk to the World Trademark Review about open data

Mark Kingsley-Williams  |  313 days ago

Thomas Brattli, our CTO, talks to Tim Lince of the World Trademark Review about registries, APIs, and the philosophy of open data. They also cover the exciting steps being taken in New Zealand, and whether other registries are likely to follow suit.

Four of the strangest trademark cases of all time

Nadine Chora  |  367 days ago

As any trademark attorney knows, trademark battles can be complicated, confusing, and sometimes downright bizarre. Here is our look at four of the strangest cases of all time, including the time a fashion house took on a South Korean restaurant.

The fallibility of AI and what to do about it

Mark Kingsley-Williams  |  415 days ago

Go to any legal or technology conference, and speaker after speaker will tell you AI is the next BIG thing. But the truth is no AI is infallible. In fact, understanding how and why an AI might fail is an important part of using one effectively.

The power of stupid

Felix Levay  |  425 days ago

What's so smart about being clever? The answer seems obvious, but the more we learn about AI, the harder it gets to be sure. Evolutionary algorithms are an important sub-set of AI research, and it's precisely their stupidity that makes them so useful.

The always on Law Firm

Mark Kingsley-Williams  |  446 days ago

Imagine engaging with potential clients, receiving instructions and serving clients at all hours of the day and night. Far from clients waiting for office hours for personal contact almost all value timely information which reduces cognitive load.

The end of lawyers..?

Mark Kingsley-Williams  |  459 days ago

The end is not nigh for lawyers. But it will be for a growing proportion of repetitive legal work. This will have wide ranging implications for lawyers, how they win and serve clients, and the business models of law firms.

The power of Pre-Suasion

Mark Kingsley-Williams  |  461 days ago

Creating the right context in which a request is made, can be as important in determining the outcome, as the request itself.

Legal revolution

Mark Kingsley-Williams  |  477 days ago

Software is eating the world. Mobile devices are eating PCs and laptops. This is going to profoundly change the activities of lawyers, more so than probably any generation.

Chatbots. Law Firms automated?

Thomas Brattli  |  497 days ago

From Siri to Echo, Chatbots are becoming mainstream. We look at what they can do for Law Firms to better engage and support potential and existing clients. And what makes them uniquely good at certain aspects of this.

Some background on automation

Mark Kingsley-Williams  |  524 days ago

Automation can come in many different forms with different underlying technologies. Here we give a bit of background and use Trade Mark Direct's automated TM search as an example for how new service and business models can better serve clients.

Why Widgets on Website Work

Mark Kingsley-Williams  |  542 days ago

Widgets are pieces of functionality that can be added to a website with one line of code. Hosted and maintained by a third party - such as LawPanel - they can add real value to a site, quickly and easily.

LawPanel visits INTA 2017

Felix Levay  |  543 days ago

LawPanel took a trip to Barcelona for the 2017 conference of the International Trademark Association, and it's been quite an experience. Thanks to all the people who got in touch over the last week. We've spent a long time working on our products, and it's great to be greeted with such enthusiasm.