LawPanel® Trademark is a next generation IP management system used by leading attorney firms and brand managers. Robotic tasks are automated with AI and data from 34 major registers.  From $250 a month.

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We use AI from machine learning and dynamic programming in our powerful, easy-to-use tools for trademark attorneys. Whether you're a solo practitioner or an international team, we have what you need to grow your firm.



This is our flagship product. Proven over many years, it makes the most advanced trademark tools available to all attorneys.


Official registry data

Access over 34 of the most important registries, including WIPO, EUIPO and USA.


Integrated registry data increases accuracy, speed, and efficiency and enables new additional services. Use official data in portfolios or for comparison with local records.



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The legal profession is changing. Competitive pressures and alternative fee arrangements mean law firms need to find new revenue streams and business models.

LawPanel Trademark gives you intelligent tools to do just that. Automation of repetitive and robotic tasks lowers costs and opens new opportunities. Low cost watching and monitoring lets firms identify IP infringement to earn fees from prevention and enforcement.

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Win new clients

Win new clients 

42% of potential clients do their research online, and 32% expect free help or consultation (Reuters). Yet most law firm websites and marketing is generic, static and dull.


LawPanel makes it easy for you to excite, inform, and engage visitors with interactive tools and AI. Giving personalised information turns more visitors into clients. And it happens automatically, day and night.


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Easy integration with our API

Our API first design means that integrating LawPanel Trademark with your own system simple. 

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Access anywhere, on any device 

Our secure cloud-based system can be accessed anywhere, on any device. Give yourself and your team the freedom and flexibility to work the way you want. 

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Bank grade security 

Your reputation is built on your client’s trust. Our bank grade security is best in class so your data, and your reputation, is secure.

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Microsoft Azure

Dedicated support

We don't do sales. We do support. We built this software, and when you have a question, you'll be talking to the developers, designers, and testers who made it.

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