State of the art legal management software for IP and other matters

LawPanel is a modern SaaS stack for managing all types of legal matters.

With advanced tools and easy, efficient workflows to obtain, maintain and protect IP rights throughout the lifecycle.

Our solutions include consulting, training and customised integrations tailored to the needs of firms and their clients. Not one size fits all as with older docketing databases.

As a result LawPanel is trusted by innovative organisations of all sizes.

Ashurst Codex Barclays MDR LAB

Best in class docketing, and so much more

Docketing & deadlines

Customisable reporting

Automatic cost estimates for filings and renewals

Automated search & watching

Official registry data (15m records)

Filing tracking and alerts

Registry analytics tools

Matter management

Modern user interface

Shared work spaces

Billing, invoices and payments


Cloud native, with API endpoints for all tools and applications.

Fully customisable, integrate into your own systems and services.


Flexible, customisable and API first. SaaS platform in the Microsoft Azure cloud.


Secure workspaces for lawyers, clients, and third parties to engage. Share information easily for fast, effective working.


Algorithms, Machine Learning, NLP, and the official trade mark records from top registries. Drives data automation of repetitive tasks


From patented SmartSearch to automations based on ML and public/private verifiable ledgers we have a roadmap for digital transformation of IP.

LawPanel’s tools have transformed how we work – our team is more efficient and focussed on delivering for our clients rather than battling our software. I only wish we’d done this sooner!

Elisa Monastero, IP Attorney

Our simple, flexible pricing model is tailored to suit the needs of your practice

Layered security

Data is always encrypted and secured in Microsoft’s cloud

Easy data import

We import portfolios and check them against official records

Simple pricing

Based on the number of live IP records under management

Live Support

From setup and getting you started, we’re always here