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Leading the digital transformation of IP

Law Firms

Leading law firms want productive, innovative solutions that meet client’s RFP requirements. 

LawPanel delivers this.

IP firms

Specialist IP firms want next generation systems for improved user experience.

LawPanel delivers this.


Forward thinking in house teams want quicker, simpler and cheaper IP management.

LawPanel delivers this.


  • IP records and docketing

    Quicker, easier, more reliable
    The best user experience
    With comprehensive rules for registries

  • Case / matter management

    Comprehensive functionality
    Autosave, filestore, audit trails and workflows
    Email out/receive in to case notes

  • Automatic updates/alerts

    Status changes from registry records
    Clients can be notified of progress
    Alerts for registry delays

  • Automated search and watching

    Knock out searches in seconds
    Results ranked by similarity
    Unlimited use

  • Record validation

    Save months of work checking record’s accuracy
    Compare with official data from 180 registries
    Run reports and workflow changes

  • Shared workspaces

    Better collaboration and easy communication
    Grant access to clients, associate firms or others
    Streamline instructions and updates

  • Powerful reporting

    Include any and all information on LawPanel
    Fully customisable
    Export in all common formats; pdf, csv, .doc...

  • Fee calculators

    Save time on fee estimates for filings/renewals
    Lets clients self-serve
    Capture associates fee information

User experience

  • Consumer software standards

    Simple intuitive workflows
    Walk throughs and inline help
    Personal, configurable dashboards

  • Repetitive process automation

    Auto filling of registry forms
    Auto-run and emailing of reports
    Template emails and documents


  • Security

    Microsoft Azure cloud & security
    Dispersed data locations and backups
    2FA access

  • Data

    All data encrypted in transit and storage
    Regional data storage for compliance
    Scoped data access restricted

  • Architecture

    API first (Documentation)
    Easy integration with other application
    Scaleable, flexible, adaptable

  • AI

    Machine learning and NLP used
    Usage data to drive business analytics

Easy switching

  • Data Setup

    We manage the process
    Uploading existing portfolio records
    Verifying against official

  • Pilots

    Free pilots available
    Supports the internal business case

  • Data validation projects

    We can manage data validation projects
    Low time / cost for firms
    Save months of work

  • Interactive virtual tours

    Fast, easy onboarding
    Revist for updates


  • Professional indemnity cover

    LawPanel is covered by a £3m policy

  • Full audit trail

    All user actions logged, reportable and reversible

Our simple, flexible pricing model is tailored to suit the needs of your practice