LawPanel is the first trademark platform of its kind.

With decades of experience in technology and IP, we’re making next generation trademark tools affordable for firms of all sizes.



Mark Kingsley-Williams

Mark was previously a senior manager and angel investor in the business that became the online gaming giant Gamesys as well as a director at Infinitesima, a world leader in nano-scale imaging technology.
    In 2006, Mark founded Trade Mark Direct, using dynamic programming to automate searching, registration and watching. Within three years it was the most prolific filer of UK trademarks. With a deep understanding of law-tech, Mark has long believed AI can help transform the trademark sector.

Thomas Brattli

Thomas Brattli


A coding wunderkind, Thomas was working internationally as a developer whilst still in his teens. Turning down offers from Google and Microsoft, he left Norway to pursue a career that took him all over the world, before co-founding the highly respected development company Blackfish.
    A hacker by nature, Thomas is always interested in finding ways to make things work better, faster, and more efficiently. He sees LawPanel as a chance to show the world how to unlock the potential of AI.

Sebastian Guerrero

Sebastián Guerrero

Lead Developer 

With over twenty years of experience, Sebastián has worked on projects for clients all over the world before joining LawPanel. Another self-taught coder, Sebastián is one of the few people who can legitimately claim to be a 10x programmer.  Together, he and Thomas are a truly formidable development team.
    Sebastián is a perfectionist, which is why he oversees our development, making sure our user experience improves with each new innovation.

Felix Levay

Felix Levay

Product & Marketing 

Felix has worked in advertising and technology, both in the UK and Asia. Before joining LawPanel, he gained a place on the Swire Group's coveted IMT programme. A Mandarin speaker, he was based in Hong Kong and China, where he lead the development of the Coca-Cola system's first major customer-facing portal in China.
    Felix is fascinated by how new advances translate into practical applications. He works to make sure our software delivers our clients the maximum return on investment.



Technology is changing the trademark sector. From watching to searching, it’s now possible to provide attorneys with high quality services at a reasonable price.

But until now, the market has relied on a few suppliers, who charge extremely high fees. Smaller firms cannot afford these prices, and larger firms are forced to hand on the cost to their client.

In 2007 we started exploring ways to bring together searching, watching, and portfolio management into one tool. Our software has won awards and helped attorneys serve thousands of clients.

The LawPanel platform takes these tools and makes them available to attorneys and IP owners everywhere.

Whether you’re an international firm, a solo practitioner, or an IP owner, LawPanel is here to help transform your trademark practice.