We believe software should fit its users, not the other way around.


Mark Kingsley-Williams

Founder, CEO

Before starting LawPanel Mark founded Trade Mark Direct, a leader in the UK IP sector with its use of technology and service innovation. He’s an active angel investor, and was commercial director of a world leader in nano-scale imaging technology. Mark’s also advised Governments in Africa on economic and public sector reform with Adam Smith International, and been a consultant to several large insurers on economic and political risk.

Thomas Brattli

Founder, CTO

A coding wunderkind, Thomas was working internationally as a developer whilst still in his teens. Turning down offers from Google and Microsoft, he left Norway to pursue a career that took him all over the world, before co-founding development company Blackfish. Thomas was an early evangelist for cloud and API technologies, with Microsoft sponsoring and show casing the move of Trade Mark Direct to Azure in 2012.

Sebastián Guerrero

Co-founder, Lead Developer

With over twenty years of experience, Sebastián has worked on projects for clients all over the world before joining LawPanel. Another self-taught coder, Sebastián can legitimately be claimed as a 10x programmer. He likes using C# and JavaScript, ASP.Net MVC, EntityFramework, SimpleInjector, LinQ, AutoMapper, SignalR, JQuery, BootStrap, etc. And Azure.

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