LawPanel Launches at INTA 2017

Felix Levay 60 days ago

We’re now open for business. LawPanel launched this year at Barcelona, during the 2017 conference of the International Trademark Association, and it's been quite an experience. Thanks to all the people who got in touch over the last week. We've spent a long time working on our products, and it's great to be greeted with such enthusiasm.

Chatbots. Law Firms automated?

Thomas Brattli 92 days ago

From Siri to Echo, Chatbots are becoming mainstream. We look at what they can do for Law Firms to better engage and support potential and existing clients. And what makes them uniquely good at certain aspects of this.

Why Widgets on Website Work

Mark Kingsley-Williams 100 days ago

Widgets are pieces of functionality that can be added to a website with one line of code. Hosted and maintained by a third party - such as LawPanel - they can add real value to a site, quickly and easily.

The end of lawyers..?

Mark Kingsley-Williams 140 days ago

The end is not nigh for lawyers. But it will be for a growing proportion of repetitive legal work. This will have wide ranging implications for lawyers, how they win and serve clients, and the business models of law firms.

Some background on automation

Mark Kingsley-Williams 162 days ago

Automation can come in many different forms with different underlying technologies. Here we give a bit of background and use Trade Mark Direct's automated TM search as an example for how new service and business models can better serve clients.

The power of Pre-Suasion

Mark Kingsley-Williams 190 days ago

Creating the right context in which a request is made, can be as important in determining the outcome, as the request itself.

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Legal revolution

Mark Kingsley-Williams 191 days ago

Software is eating the world. Mobile devices are eating PCs and laptops. This is going to profoundly change the activities of lawyers, more so than probably any generation.

The always on Law Firm

Mark Kingsley-Williams 260 days ago

Imagine engaging with potential clients, receiving instructions and serving clients at all hours of the day and night. Far from clients waiting for office hours for personal contact almost all value timely information which reduces cognitive load.