We've built the most comprehensive set of trademark tools available. Combined with data from all major registries it's a total, transformative solution.



Attorney firm

Compete strongly as technology and competition transforms IP law


In-house team

Manage large portfolios easily and efficiently with the most intelligent tools


Online legal firm

Succeed online with our total solution for engaging and serving volume clients



Firms can also choose their own selection

All have APIs for integration with other systems


Turn more of your visitors into paying clients with LawPanel's search widget and online ordering.


See conversion rates soar when used in place of static webpages or just an inline enquiry form. Both the widget and online order flow with classes selection, results page, online ordering and payment can be added to any website quickly and simply with a few lines of code. 


Manage unlimited trademarks with our scaleable, intuitive portfolio management tool.


Reminders for renewals and evidence of use are set automatically by registry specific rules. And with registry data built in you can compare local and official registry records to check for discrepancies.


Integrated with the portfolio is our fully automated low cost watching.


Using market leading search algorithms to report on new similar filings, watching can be set up with just one click. Attorneys set frequency of reports, so you control how many results you receive and and how often. Being low cost if clients choose not to pay for watching services its still economic for firms to watch marks for identifying billable infringement and protection actions. 



Most monitoring services require annual spends of thousands of dollars for just one brand. We know there is a better way.


For just $150 a month LawPanel will monitor your brands on a high risk marketplace, with timely notifications to you of infringement. You can then carry out billable enforcements or outsource that to third parties. This serves the brand owner better and at lower overall cost to clients.


Aila is our automated assitant. Using state of the art natural langauge processing and our proprietary conversation engine, she can answer client questions about trademark law, process, and fees. And even run a preliminary trademark search.


Aila can be added to any law firm website with just one line of code, and customised to give firm specific information.


Convert more visitors into fee paying clients with our automated search tool and online order process.


Visitors can run their own initial availability searches on your wesite. Both the widget and online order flow with classes selection, results page, online ordering and payment can be added to any website quickly and simply with a few lines of code.




Engage with your clients

Research shows many website visitors leave if price information is not available or hard to find. Fee calculators gives detailed, customisable fee quotes for filings in different registries according to the number of classes and other variables


Organise your firm quickly and easily with all information in one place.


Use standard templates or a blank canvas, structure workflows and make the most of time with auto and manual reminders. Other powerful features include document management, billing and invoicing, and reporting. 


The secure client portal gives a shared work space for notes and communications, and messaging through email, Slack or any other API accessible solution.