Stay at the forefront of the trademark sector. Add new capabilities and revenue streams to your firm, quickly and easily.
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A smart trademark portfolio

Manage unlimited trademarks with our scaleable, intuitive portfolio management tool.


Reminders for renewals and evidence of use are set automatically by registry specific rules. And with registry data built in you can compare local and official registry records to check for discrepancies.

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Automated watching

Integrated with the portfolio is our fully automated low cost watching.


Using market leading search algorithms to report on new similar filings, watching can be set up with just one click. Attorneys set frequency of reports, so you control how many results you receive and and how often. Being low cost if clients choose not to pay for watching services its still economic for firms to watch marks for identifying billable infringement and protection actions. 

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Feeling Overwhelmed?
Feeling Overwhelmed?

Automated searching

LawPanel's search system lets attorneys and clients check trade mark availability on dozens of registries, near instaneously.


A number of search tools are built in that range from no fee knockout searches to more sophisticated but low cost phonetic similarity. Full clearance searches are also available utilising the most powerful and reliable search technologies and wide ranging data sources. Results are delivered in pre-formatted search reports with your law firms branding on a pay-per-search basis. 

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Pay-as-you-go monitoring

Most monitoring services require annual spends of thousands of dollars for just one brand. We know there is a better way.


For just $150 a month LawPanel will monitor your client's brand brand on a high risk marketplace, with timely notifications of infringement. You can then carry out billable enforcements or outsource that to third parties. This serves the client better with law firms able to provide a total trademark service in one place, with more fees to attorneys but lower cost to clients.

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Feeling Overwhelmed?
Feeling Overwhelmed?

Official registry data

Our system has data from all the major registries built in and is constantly updated. In addition to watching, search and monitoring services, this allows firms to check the accuracy of local records with the official register.


Portfolios can be created quickly using the official data, and competitor marks identified for watching and new filings used for business intelligence.


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Case management made simple

Organise your firm quickly and easily with all information in one place.


Use standard templates or a blank canvas, structure workflows and make the most of time with auto and manual reminders. A secure client portal gives a shared work space for notes and communications, and messaging through email, Slack or any other API accessible solution. Other powerful features include document management, billing and invoicing, and reporting.

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Marketing and engagement

Too many law firms' websites and marketing is worthy, but boring. LawPanel can fix this.


Aila is LawPanel's AI assistant who can answer questions on trade mark process, costs and even run intial clearance searches, before taking cients instructions for full clearance searches and filing intents. She can be added to any law firm website with just one line of code, and customised to give firm specific information.


LawPanel's search widget lets visitors run their own initial availability searches on your wesite, whilst fee calculators gives detailed, customisable fee quotes for filings in different registries according to the number of classes and other variables. These too can be added with just one line of code.  

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Bank grade security

Security has never been more important. We leave nothing to chance. 


Our system is built on Microsoft Azure, the same service trusted by governments the world over. All data is kept in top security, natural disater proofed installations that are monitored 24 hours a day. With continuous penetration testing from industry leaders and multiple levels of encryption, this cost-efficient way to obtain bank grade security.


Data in transit is protected by 256 bit TLS/SSL encryption and multi-factor authentication is set by default.

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Total support

We don't do sales. We do support. Should you ever need advice, you'll be talking to the product team who architected, designed, built and tested every form, widget, and API.


Support is available by phone during EU and US working hours, and email support at other times. Whatever your support question we're here to help. 

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