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Even the best trademark attorney needs help reaching new clients. We've developed some amazing tools, from an AI assistant for your website to fee calculators and preliminary trademark search widgets. You work hard to get people to visit your website; let us help you turn each visitor into a paying client.

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Instant preliminary searches

It's simple; people come to you to find out how likely it is their trademark is available to register. They don't want to know in two working days; they want to know now. With our search widget, they can. It can be inserted into your website in less than ten minutes, and it will let all your potential clients see trademark probable availability. This is a powerful tool for turning visitors into clients.


Your very own AI assistant

Our ground-breaking AI chatbot can assist visitors with frequently asked questions, run preliminary searches, and even capture leads. By informing and delighting potential clients, she acts as a 24/7 sales assistant.


Fee calculators

Our data shows that if visitors can't find the pricing information they need, they are much more likely to go elsewhere. With our fee calculators, they get personalized fee estimates according to registry and classes. The widget is easy to use and can be placed on your website in less than ten minutes.


Expert help, whenever you need it

We don't do sales. We do support. We built this software, and when you have a question, we want to answer it ourselves. We have two teams of technicians in order to serve the US, the UK, and the EU. Whatever your question, we're here to help.

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